Sunday, 21 February 2016

3rd Times the Charm

Hello fellow crafters and artists, 

How are you all today? My name is Charley Zak and I am a disabled crafter. I craft with a difference hence the title of my blog. I will be branching into the land of YouTube so here is a link to my channel -

There you will not only find craft and art projects, but you will see all our family vlogs and the other business we run Charleyz Angelz. I very much feel that both of these businesses work well together. Although ones about art and crafts, the other about disability advice and care support, they will still merge well as both have the underlining message of helping others with disabilities and illness within their every day life both practically and socially. 

Anyway I'm off now to finish my new planner. I will be making a video showing you all my creation once it's done! 

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Much love

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