Sunday, 21 February 2016

C & P

Hello Lovelies

Hope you are all well? It's Sunday and I'm having a lazy day, well lazy weekend. I've got another UTI and its put me on my arse! (Excuse the pun!) I have been so busy the last week getting our room decorated and sorting the house/garden before mum came home. She went to Blackpool with grandad. They had a great time. 
I have been making loads of room decor to save money and also add my own personal touch to the room. We have spent a lot of money on furniture so I decided to make the wall decorations. Not a lot of disabled tips but a few shortcuts.
I bought papier mâché letters from hobbycraft. I got 'C & P' and decorated them with decoupage papers and stuck buttons all over the front of them. What do you think? 
I'm also loving my new shelves from eBay! £30! What a steal! I'm getting a second one. It has all my nicknacks and jewellery in it. Going to put 'B & E' on top of the second one. Then my family letters will be complete. Although a small tip, the P is top heavy so we had to glue it with super glue. It was a pain but looks beautiful now. 
I also had a collage made for me and framed it with a clip frame and I made our wedding collage and used my new Polaroid die! A lot cheaper making my own than buying a camera and film all the time. I think it's nicer because you can use  patterned paper instead of white borders all the time.
I know the actual photos are blurry but you can see I used loads of Polaroids on the top and mounted the other photos on patterned paper with the whole thing on a dark purple piece of card. 
We are now on Facebook so search for Mrs Zak's Creations! You'll see all our up to date projects as well as our families pieces. 
Much love 
Keep crafting! 

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