Sunday, 21 February 2016

Creating with a Difference Forum

Hello lovelies!

How are we all?? I have been busy making christmas cards today and planning, prepping for some videos coming your way in the next 2 weeks. I hope you like them all and my new set up will improve the quality!! 

Here is a little sneak peak! I will be adding some better shots of all the cards I made but as I haven't shared in a while I thought a little spoiler would keep you in suspense! I have been using Cherry Cobbler cardstock, marker and ink pad. I have also been using the bobble trim I am in love with which I think is Real Red. 

My stamp sets are some new ones and some retired but I just love them so couldn't not use them! I am also using up all my NON Stampin' Up! supplies which is where the red glitter embellishment comes from. They are no longer sold as they are from an old old old craft shop that closed maybe 2 years ago, yes folks I hoard for that long!

I have just started a group for artists and crafters with disabilities and health conditions, that is rightfully name Creating With A Difference Forum! It's a safe place where every one can share their pages, lives and support each other. 

The group is growing day and day and I am so excited to be able to 'house' all these talented artists, photographers, bakers and crafters in one place. I have also managed to get myself some new Stampin' Up! customers along the way which has been fantastic.

I have also bought some new equipment to film my YouTube videos so I am super excited for that! I have my photography set up down now for taking my craft shots! I still can't believe I didn't think earlier to give my creations better imagagry to go along with them! I know that souns stupid coming from a photography student but I done real life not that kind of photography so I gues my brain just didn't click! Anyway I have now so onwards and upwards. 

I am managing to juggle family life, student life and the busy working woman's life (with 2 businesses) quite well atm! I have also done all of my christmas shopping! Who could do better I ask?? I also have a horrendous UTI and no angels working this week as they are all off sick. I'm on fire in the best way!

Once I start earning from my businesses I will be able to set things up with HMRC! I am so excited and also confused on the tax thing so I will keep you all posted as and when I learn what I am doing! I think it's good to all share this together. Plus I will need to have another meeting with employment support so they can help with all this. Apparently I am one of the first people to actually want to work and not just attend through fear of losing benefits. 

I will be doing 2 blog posts, 3 YouTube videos per week and 1 newsletter per month for both my Creating with a Difference life and Charleyz Angelz life! I hope you all enjoy, signing off now!

Take care


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