Sunday, 21 February 2016

First Customer Order

I am hoping everyone is well this evening? I am writing tonights blog post with excitement and joy! I have made my first customer order this week and it was for a large amount! This customer has agreed and arranged to make the same order every month, this makes me so happy! 

I am also improving my video setup and skills so hopefully it won't take me 200 video's to get anything watchable lol. I am so happy with how well things are going and I haven't even had my first month with SU. I have been finding and following all the SU ladies and gents and getting some great tips and tricks. It's not just the SU lot on YouTube I have been following either. 

Hello Lovelies

I have so many great idea's and I am so excited about what this next chapter has in store for me. SU has really given me the chance to work and earn a living doing what I love within my limitations. It sounds so cheesy and like I am a sponsored advert but it's true and I think everyone should know there is always a job for every situation and every person. 

I can't work enough to earn loads but just an extra £20 a week will help us out so much and mean we don't need to worry about any of those unexpected bils/costs in life. As well as my SU business I also have a care advice service that I run with my husband. That is called Charleyz Angelz and all links will be at the bottom of this post. Sneaking bit of promo there lol.

I am slowly swapping out all my non SU products and supplies. I have made a massive order myself of tools and equipment to replace/stock up in my stash. I will be using up all my non SU paper, cardstock and embellishments over the next few months before buying anymore. That way I don't waste anything but will make space for SU supplies. 

There are some craft products I have that SU do not provide an alternative for so I will keep those and I also use some non SU products to enable me to craft around my physical disability so they will stay in my stash. I have just ordered the Fiskars Stamp Press to replace my acrylic blocks. I will give you a review and video on that once it arrives and I have played with it. They do the size i ordered and a smaller one as well. You can find that one on amazon, ebay and various other online places. (

Once I have tried that I am also tempted to get the Rock-a-Blocks from Crafters Companion to see if they offer a better solution for stamping. ( They too offer a different kind of pressure needed for stamping and I am wondering if that would help. I also think it's due to the fact I craft on my bed at an angle and I work from an angle not straight down like you would at a desk. Any thoughts? I will keep playing until I find what works for me and share my tips in case it helps anyone else. I believe in sharing my tips. 

Right I better pop off now as my hairdresser is here, bye bye long hair and hello bob! 

Pictures to follow on my Charleyz Angelz blog. 

Take care
Much Love
C xoxo

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