Sunday, 21 February 2016

Grandma M

Hello fellow crafters, artists and onliners, 
Hope your all well. Saw the bestie today and she asked if I had anything special she could give her grandma for her birthday. After about 2 hours I made this concoction! Thoughts??? 
4 tea lights with ribbon and diamonds on the side, a decorated match box and come lindor chocolate wrapped up all pretty with ribbon. Not bad for a last minute project! Quite pleased myself ��. 
K is getting it tomorrow and giving it to her grandma Thursday so I'll let you all know if she liked it. She's old so probably will lol. Oldies love the handmade stuff! I did the same thing for auntie D's birthday last year. 
Total thing only cost me £1.40 for the chocolate as I had all the other supplies so I'm happy. I'm getting £4 so a nice little profit! I hate charging so that's good for me. It's hard especially when you know the person. My confidence is slowly growing though.
Also I will be doing a range of cards and crafts which will be sold for charity. A friend of. Friends from college needs some fundraising for some equipment so I volunteered a card range! Not decided the theme yet so all ideas are welcome! 
Another couple of friends need help so if it works I'll do the same for them. Here's the donation links!
If you can donate anything or share, help fundraiser for them that would be amazing!!! Disability equipment of any kind is just silly expensive. They really nened your help so share, share and share! 
Anyway just thought if share my latest craft project. I'll get better at listing dimension, instructions and supply lists.
Take care
Much love

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