Sunday, 21 February 2016


Hello fellow crafters, artists and onliners, 
I used a A4 canvas from the works (bought in a pack of 4), acrylic paints, a papier-mâché HOME sign, purple paints, silver glitter, paper butterfly and material flowers with brad centres. 
I think I've listed all my naturals obviously I also used paint brushes, scissors, adhesives etc. I am so please with how it turned out. I was just bored one evening and this happened. It's great how creativity can just pop out at you. 
I had all my supplies for months but just didn't know what best to do with them. Seems I found a good way after all. Everyone that has seen it says it's lovely which makes me feel good. I don't have great self belief or self esteem but I know this is great! Exactly what was in my head came out onto the canvas. Perfect! 
I also mixed white gesso into my paint and glitter as well to add an extra layer. The paint is a mixture I put together along with white to change up tones etc. I only have the small reeves tubes of paint so I need to mix when needing a large amount of one colour. 
If this and my mixed media take off then I'll invest in larger amounts of paint. But whilst I'm learning they work brilliantly. This isn't usually an art form I'm good at but this one worked. 
Drawing, painting and seeing are the ones I suck ass at! Really I do! That's not me putting myself down I really do. But maybe I just haven't tried this kind of painting before. That's why I'm trying mixed media as it's an in between art so who knows!!! 
I used masking tape to create the white boarder corners as well as a silver sharpie to cover the paint lines in the corners. I blobbed white paint and spread it into the purple back ground to lighten certain areas. I also added silver glitter to all the paint for a bit of sparkle. 
The rest is pretty self explanatory really. I'll get better at writing instructions for my art/crafts but this is only the beginning for me. I'm making some bits for the kids this week so I'll add another post. 
Much love 
Here's a picture of my wall art for our lounge when we move out, thoughts?? Comment and I can make one for you as well. 

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