Sunday, 21 February 2016

I'm on YouTube

Hello Lovelies

I hope you are all well, I have uploaded some video's to the new creating with a difference playlist on my charleyz angelz youtube channel (links below). The camera angles are horrendous but I am simply testing things at the moment to get the best set up. If you have any tips that would be fantastic. 

I have also shared my stampin up! info on all the facebook pages I'm on and have had two possible customers ask for catalogues so I am super excited. I also have two of my customers round tomorrow and it's their payday so fingers crossed they order lots of nice bits from me and we can create some fun things together. 

I will playing around with my camera angles and mount to get a better set up and one that is less wobbly. The quality is poor on my testing videos but I think it's important to show how I started and then as I grow and develop my progress can be seen by everyone. I know that seeing other youtubers/crafters sketchy beginning makes me feel better. Seeing how great they are now gives me hope lol. 

My husband is going to help me with camera mounting so my next video will be better I hope. I am currently editing my planner video as one of my testers. I have just gone through how I have made it. I used an idea from the frugel crafter (

I used an A5 file that I bought from eBay ( I will add a seperate post with images all about my planner. 

I am off for now

Much Love 

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