Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Start

Hello fellow crafters, artists and onliners,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this sun, I am not to be honest. My disability doesn't cope well with heat so it's killing me. But ... I have been able to launch my craft blog, youtube and catch up on art projects. Having to cancel appointments does have it's up side. This blog will be running alongside my other ones and will be showcasing my crafts and tips to disabled crafters.

The first piece of advice is the vagabond by Tim Holtz and Sizzix. Here I have included a video to demonstrate the machine, I found it on YouTube when I was looking into the machine further. Once my hands and arms lost most strength I knew I had to sell my Cuttlebug and that was devastating. However I was watching one of Tim Holtz videos and saw his machine was electric! That meant I could continue using a die cutting and embossing machine for a little longer!! All the Big Shot stuff is made by Sizzix so that co-ordinates along with most other die machine accessories with the Vagabond nicely.

So I shopped around and finally found a great deal on a Vagabond on eBay. As I don't have loads of money to spend I decided to wait until I found a good deal on a second hand one on eBay. Once I bought mine I then sold my Cuttlebug and so once it was all done and dusted with the sale of my machine I only spent £30 on my VAGABOND! Which as all you crafters know that is one heck of a deal!

I am not being sponsored by Sizzix or Tim Holtz in promoting the Vagabond, I am simply sharing some handy tips I have found. Although the Vagabond isn't heard of as much it can be a forgotten machine. I also love the Tim Holtz scissors as they have much bigger handles and their grip suits my hands as I am losing strength in them.

The blades aren't that big so you may need a larger pair, the Stampin Up scissors seem to be a good large scissor. It all depends on your needs both physically and design wise. I stick with the Tim Holtz ones as they offer me the best grip. I would rather taking a little longer than buying some larger bladed scissors and being unable to use them. It's all personal choice really.

As I say this isn't telling you what products to buy, I am simply sharing my findings with mainstream craft products. I also have my PA's help with cutting sometimes if I find I am taking too long. That is also another way round things. You design the project but have others help in creating/building it. Although if you are anything like me you suck at describing or instructing people with your projects and are so OCD you need to do it yourself otherwise most of the enjoyment is knocked out of it.

Much love
Mrs Zak

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