Thursday, 16 June 2016

Copyright/Watermarks & Tips

Hello my fellow creatives!

How is everyone today? This weekend I have been updating my blog, YouTube, Facebook and the rest of my social media and business pages. I have also done my self assessment for 2015-2016 and that was stressful let me tell you! I think it will be easier as I get more used to them and have more experience.

Anyway here are a few tips I have found. I have also given a brief description about how I edit my photos/videos and add watermarks/copyright. Remember to add Stampin' Up! copyright right on all your images, creations and videos as set out in Stampin' Up! angel policy -

I use a combination of photoshop (on laptop) and iPhone app to add watermark/copyrights and edit my photos for my blog. I have found a great app that I use now when I take my photos so they are ready straight away to upload onto my blogger app. I can also use the general edit options on my phone to improve quality etc. Photoshop is great for when I am on my laptop and I need to do more advance changes, edits and create different images. I also use windows movie maker to edit my videos and if I require them on disk I use windows DVD maker (this is rare). Windows movie maker is free and windows DVD maker costs £25 as a one off. Link for copyright app -

I also use my iPhone 6 and my camera for taking pictures and filming. I use both as sometimes if the lighting is good then my phone is easier to take pictures or if I am in a rush but my camera is good for better quality and a more professional look. I also use my camera for filming as it has a viewfinder that can bend round so I can see if I am within shot or not.  I also use a photo studio that I bought on eBay. Link for photo studio

Here is a video with a couple quick tips - (goes live 14th June at 6pm) This video is part of my Top Tip Tuesday series. Every Tuesday I will be popping up a video about any tips I have for crafters. These can either be my own or ones I have been inspired by from other crafters.

I punch or die cut DSP and cardstock in the middle so that I can then use it on another project if I can cover it up. I also mark my corner rounder in the middle so I know where to line up the points of my paper/cardstock. This means I get the same round on all my corners. Please video link for a better example.

lots of love

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