Sunday, 19 June 2016

My Favourites ... This week

Hi Crafters!

It's me again! Well I bet you're shocked that I have managed to post every day this week so far! Aren't I doing well?!?!? I told you I am trying to be more active and on top of things. I am still dropping the ball at times but we all do as busy people.

It's about trying not winning. Sometimes (with the loss in my family) I will not be on the ball but other times I will and that's ok. That's why I love Stampin' Up! so much! They offer a real business opportunity for real people!

It also helps that now we have the catalogue images we can post about them if we don't get chance to create that day or are just busy.

My favourite things in the catalogue ... this week are -

Product List
What are your favourites? comment or message me! I would love to hear what you've been using this week! Are they all new products or are you leaving some older classics like me as well???

lots of love

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