Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sprinkles Punch

Hello all!

Sorry I missed some posts this week. I haven't been well and have been very down. Sadly my anxiety is high at the moment. 

I have a UTI and the symptoms are making me suffer so I'm behind. I have a class Thursday so I'm getting sorted for that as I have a new customer attending so want to give her the best as I do for everyone!

We are making a shaker card and will be using the new sprinkles punch from the new catalogue. 

Here are some screen shots of the punch in the catalogue. Let me know if you need one! 

I wasn't too sure at first as I love using glitter and sequins in my shaker cards but it work really well. 

If you are doing a smaller shaker card window you can cut the sprinkles into smaller pieces. 

Anyway this is just a quick hi from me and I'll be back later in the week. 

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