Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Update and where am I?

Hi Lovelies

Sorry I have been absent. I am taking time off due to family bereavement and the fact I am having major surgery. I will be back The first week in January I will be back and I plan to blog every other day.

I will also be doing a YouTube video on the opposit day so you will be sick of me by a Sunday! I will be taking Sunday's off so you will get some peace. I am also back at Uni from the end of October so if I have to amend my posting schedule due to work load please be patient with me and I will try to keep you updated with GOOD content and not just ANY content.

I am sorry if this is a pain for you an if you have been wondering where I am. This year has certainly been a testing one. All I can do is promise to improve things next year.

I hope you all have a great run up to xmas, if you need to buy any Stampin' p! Products my online hope will still be open and I am happy to send you an Autumn/winter catalogue. I will be keeping you posted on my business wok page so search Creating With A Difference

Lots of love C

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