Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Update and Google Calendar

Hello lovelies!!

I thought I would update you and let you know I have a new member in my team! Sandra! She is a wonderful lady with some amazing crafty skills. She is the first to join my team, whom I have lovingly named 'Charleyz Stampin' Angelz'. My care team is Charleyz Angelz so I thought I would stick with the trend.

Anyway she will be popping up from time to time as I help her build her hobby and maybe one day business! She is happy with being a hobby demo at the moment and as you know I am more than happy for anyone in my team to simply join for a great offer, stay as a hobby demo or stay and build a business.

As you may now see on my blog and SU website, I have made a public google calendar so you can see when I am free for private parties, when classes are on and also when I will be posting on here and YouTube.

I use google calendar for my whole life and for me that is easier to update daily. I will still have my official SU calendar on my SU website but that one isn't updated as often so just scroll down this page and you'll find it!

Remember there are so many amazing things retiring ready for some even more amazing things to join in the new catalogue so pop over to my shop and have a look now whilst stocks last!

Here is a list of everything that is retiring.

You can also find the list in other EU languages and the customer order forms in all EU languages so you can print them if you need one. Or you can also contact me and I will post you an order form. Whichever is easiest for you.

Pop onto my online shop to see what has been reduced and what is left to purchase on the retiring list.

Much love
C xoxo

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bye Bye!

Hello Lovely People, 

So the time has come to say bye bye and helllllooooooo! The annual catalogue and spring/summer catalogue will be retiring soon and with them, will be taking some brilliant items! If you have been holding off ordering anything in either catalogues (especially the bundles) then go go go!

Now is the time to order before everything goes out of stock and then is gone forever. As a demo I get to see the new products and catalogues before my customers and I can say that there is no need to be sad. What's coming is soooooo worth it! 

Anything you love and lose will be replaced with something greater!

I can't wait to send out the catalogues. If you would like a catalogue or want to shop simply message me via my website.

I finish Uni on 13th May so expect a busy action packed summer from myself! Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Lots of love

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Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/creatingwithadifferenceforum/

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