Friday, 14 July 2017

SU Planner Set Up

Stampin' Up! Planner Set Up

Hello my friends! How is life treating you? This heat is killing me off I won't lie! My body was made for spring and no other weather lol.

Firstly In the video you see me setting up my second planner that I won on my Pootles Retreat in June. I am not sure what to do with it yet but when I know you will! Every Weekend I will be doing a plan with me now so you can see how versatile the Stampin' UP! products are!

This is the link on amazon for the pen loops I use on mine -
My video -

Link to buy the planner in my shop

This bundle goes amazingly with the planner as well as scrapbooking, card making and lots more! Buy the stamp set and punch in this bundle and save 10%! tabs for everything bundle

You need to get all of your 'extras' and put them inside the planner and move them out of the ay! That includes - stickers, sticky notes, 2 pockets, picture sleeves and month dividers.

Then find your 12 month pages and your 12 other half of months, put them together and make a pile.

Then find you weekly inserts and move them to one side. Find the 12 end of month sheets and put them with your months.

Then go online and find out how many weeks in each month and add the middle to all your months. Put each month with it's divider an enjoy the dating/decorating part of your planner!

I highly recommend you organise everything and decide what your planner is for before dating it etc.

Here is some of the products I recommend for the planner and more!

Product List
Love Today Planner Kit
Love Today Planner Kit Refill
Gold Binder Clips
Gold Library Clips
Pick A Pattern Washi Tape
Basics Pack 1 Washi Tape
Basics Pack 2 Washi Tape
Basics Pack 3 Washi Tape
Tabs For Everything Photopolymer Stamp Set
Lots of love

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