Thursday, 10 May 2018

Class Revamp

Dear Lovelies,
So sorry I have been absent. My family has had a bad few months. I am trying to juggle several businesses, family and friends. I’m starting to get there and catch up. I hope you are all well. Remember to pop to my online shop or blog to find out what’s retiring and remember to buy those wish list items before they sell out. 

If you would like a new catalogue, simply message me online, social media or email me. 

I have decided to revamp my classes. I have been teaching for 2 years and haven’t revamped in that time. As this is Stampin’ Up!’s 30th anniversary year, and they are changing things up, I thought I’d join in. 

I’d like to offer my customers a better service so here is all the info. At some point I’ll do a Facebook live so you can ask questions etc. Feel free to email me in the mean time. 

Everything in life needs to evolve, adapt and change. This keeps things fresh and current. That being said, I am now offering the following events. 

I will now offer a free group class to anyone ordering £50+ worth of goodies from my online Stampin’ Up! Shop. 

Anyone who has placed an order with me between June 1st 2017 and June 1st 2018 will receive a free catalogue. If you haven’t do not panic you too will get a free catalogue but you will need to pay £2.86 postage. 

As always all customers either at my events or shopping with me will receive a handmade gift to say thank you for your friendship and support. 

For all my classes/events you bring your own adhesive or purchase some from me on the night from my adhesive shop. I stock most of the adhesives from the catalogue. This way you won’t have to share and wait anymore. *

You must book and pay 2 weeks prior to the event **.

I still do my loyalty card scheme. Pay 9 sessions get the 10th free.***

Free drinks and biscuits at all events and Ernie is our little helper. 

I now offer 6 types of events - 

1: The Royal Treatment - 1:1
They are £20 per session. You get a bespoke custom service just for you. I don’t use projects I’ve used in class or online. These are exclusive projects just for you. You learn 3 projects per session and you can let me know each time what you’d like to know/learn and help me with designing. Bring your own adhesive or purchase from me. 

These are always available Thursday afternoon. (Unless arranged otherwise)

2: Craft & Chat - Group Class  
£15 per person. Bring your own adhesive or purchase from me. You make 2 projects now (instead of 1) and the size of class is capped at 4 people so I can give you the best service and support. After a few sessions I’ll suggest you try my new artisan workshops. 

Every Thursday 7pm-9pm (unless stated otherwise)
3: Artisan Workshops – Product Based
These are workshops based on products not just projects. These are 2-3 hours depending on the projects involved. You not only learn new skills, make friends but you also take home the products, so you can keep practicing. If you don’t like the products I have chosen you can contact me and swap the punch/stamp/dies for ones you like and make the same project just different decoration. 

Prices for these vary depending on the products involved. Please pop over to my website or facebook page to find out all current artisan workshops. 

These will be held on Tuesday or Sunday afternoons (unless stated otherwise).

4: Kids Class – 
It’s £10 per child and we make 1 project. Parents stay for the two-hour session to help their child with the task. We all have some yummy squash and biscuits to help fuel those creative juices. 

I can work with a set theme or even help with creating something special for a school project! No loyalty card schemes currently run for kids classes. 

These will be held during school holidays (unless stated otherwise).

These work differently than my other events.

5: Parties – Private events 
You choose a theme and I made a project and party games around that theme. You do not pay for my time but for a goody bag that consists or a few products, my details and anything else the hostess chooses to pop in. The organiser of the party is the hostess and they earn rewards from the rest or the party goers sales. 

The hostess chooses who comes and I work closely with her to make sure the party is everything she hoped for and that her guests have a wonderful time.

I discuss Stampin’ Up! And being a demo with everyone before starting all the games. Projects are usually very simple so everyone can have a giggle. Adults over 18 are welcome to provide alcoholic drinks for the party goers. I do these for all ages and events (birthdays, hen party etc)

6: Online Events -

I now offer online classes on my website. You can pop over and see what ones are currently running. 

It’s simple – You click on the paypal button to purchase the video/videos in the class/course. I email you a link to all the instructions and videos needed within 48 hours (unless stated otherwise). I will also provide a product list which you then can pick up in my online shop. 

You will be able to keep the access to the PDF, video(s) etc permanently after purchase. So you can go back time and time again to practice the skills I have demonstrated.

All online events will clearly be label if they are a one or class, series of classes or course. Check my website every month to see what been added or sign up to my newsletter. 

Terms and Conditions -
*All adhesives in my shop are sold at catalogue price as per Stampin’ Up! Policy. You must bring your own adhesive if not purchasing any from my shop. 

** No places are held for any event without payment 2 weeks prior. If you cancel the event any payments made are non-refundable. Under extreme circumstances this may change. 

If I cancel an event, then you get a choice of a refund or moving that payment to another event. Please let me know of any medical needs, disabilities or allergies prior to the event.

*** All loyalty card schemes are valid for the use of 1 free group class at £15. 

Any event with 5 or more attendees will be held at a different location. This could be a hall or another person’s home. Full wheelchair access is required as well as a large disabled toilet. There maybe a hall hire charge added onto the rates listed above. 

All purchased PDF’s, videos and other tutorials are for personal use only and they can not be resold or shared with anyone else. Please note that online classes/courses do not include products. You will be sent a list of what is needed and the link to my online shop that is open 24/7. 
These can only be purchased by those living in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands. Anyone outside of these countries can pop over to my blog/YouTube channel and see some free tutorials. You can also pop over to Stampin’ Up! Website to find a demonstrator in your area/country.